I am tired. I’m tired of the fight. I’m tired of the slander. I’m tired of thoughtless words and actions. I’m tired of finger pointing and blame that solves absolutely nothing. I’m tired of negativity. With the way the world is, I wonder why I found beauty enough to bring my child into an absolute mess.

Then I remember. I had hope. I had faith that she might do something amazing one day. That she might find a cure for a horrible disease. Or move millions toward peace. Or just be the kind of PERSON other people looked up to.

I would have had these same thoughts about a boy. I would have caressed the outline of fingers and toes beating against my womb and envisioned something absolutely extraordinary. And I would cheer on what is totally mundane.

I am thankful for a country where we are able to do whatever we want to a degree. That comes with a price. It means you DON’T do whatever you want without great thought. Every action you take means something right down to the way you speak or type it. Someone is watching and learning and judging and changing because of whatever YOU have done.

Sometimes it’s a child.
Sometimes it’s an adult.
Sometimes it’s yourself.canstockphoto28744110That doesn’t sound so bad. So you used bad language, you put down your partner, you made someone feel small so you could be big. You put them in their place. You told him he was worthless in so many ways without even realizing it. You told her she was the same.

We all have a heart. It’s time we started using it regardless of gender, religion or race. It’s time we put away hurt feelings and sat down and got to the bottom of our issues. Time we inspected the fingers curled around the gun.

Our ancestors accomplished a lot of monumental goals for us. It came at a price. They weren’t perfect. There were battles. It’s time to stand up and do the same so that the next five hundred generations can look back at us with pride instead of shame.

It’s time to come together and actually BE the equality we scream about. Words are words. Actions speak louder.

So what are we going to do? What are you going to do?

Think about your son or daughter. Your niece or nephew. Your friend’s children. Think about them. You owe them that much.

Yes. You owe them. We owe them more than a passing thought.


The Mistress of Mayhem enjoys keeping her readers up well into the morning hours with twists and turns you won’t see coming until the end and characters who are both loveable and hate-inspiring. For more IRRESISTIBLE READS and CHARACTERS WITH KICK, follow her:


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