Do you ever wonder what your kid(s) is thinking? Do you know what makes them worried, anxious, scared, or insecure? They often won’t tell you. They might not even understand their emotions and feelings. But everything they keep bottled up inside will affect them.

What can you do? You want to be the best parent possible and help your kid(s) through the ups and downs of life, but sometimes you feel completely helpless. But there’s hope!

God is the perfect parent. He loves your child more than you ever could. He also understands their every emotion. He wants to talk with them about everything that concerns them. But they need to know how to do that.

This journal is for kids (and even adults!) to learn to be still, focus, and communicate with God. Every day. To become His friend. God loves to talk with us. He is loving, kind, wise, and knows the perfect answer to every problem. Kids today are comfortable texting and chatting, so this journal is designed for them to write messages with God. When they share their secrets with Him, He will respond. His replies are life-changing!

Try it and see!

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